Eco-intelligence, creativity, and innovative philanthropy unite at Goods that Matter, a design for good company based in New Orleans. We are committed to creating eco friendly products in the U.S. that also give back to our world’s most pressing social and environmental needs. To date we are proud to have donated $23,520 to wetland restoration, oil spill cleanup, disaster relief, education, and literacy groups.

Matter is a product design & consulting studio, uniquely focused on raising awareness and funding initiatives that advance social change.
 A portion of all proceeds flow to causes that impact the health, happiness, and sustainability of our communities both locally and for our neighbors around the world. Matter makes the world a better place by creating products and collaborations that matter.


Tippy Tippens is the Founder and Chief Eternal Optimist of Matter. She is a social entrepreneur, designer, gandhiwarmer, and is passionate about helping to build sustainable growth, making the objects that we live with us work for us instead of against us and ultimately wishing to contribute to greater happiness. She is honored to be in the GOOD 100, 2013, named as one of 100 people pushing the world forward.

She is available for guest talks and workshops on a variety of topics including social innovation, design, creatives, and social entrepreneurship. Email her at for collaborations, workshops, or guest speaking.

In September of 2010, she moved from Brooklyn to New Orleans after the BP Oil Spill in order to create BirdProject. Matter got its start on Kickstarter & Tippy is also a 2011 alumni of Propeller’s Fellowship & New Ventures Accelerator program. She was inspired to form the company upon developing BirdProject, where she saw the need for socially inspired products that sustainably and poetically fulfill our basic needs.

Her additional professional experiences have included: designing faucets for Kohler, freelancing for lighting, furniture, graphic, architectural, and wayfinding firms as well as designing and making home furnishings for over ten years. She also gives guest talks, participates in exhibitions, competitions, and collaborations in design, public projects, and photography. She earned her Masters Degree in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute and her B.F.A. from Virginia Commonwealth University.


Matter is excited to be one of the first six Benefit Corporations in the state of Louisiana, which now exist in 31 states. B Corps use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. This progressive business structure helps to define & report our positive impacts, reinforce the benefits of a triple bottom line business, attract impact investors, and stand out in a dense marketplace as a company whose basis in business is for social good. Matter is also the first Benefit Corporation on Louisiana’s charter and honored to be amongst such an inspiring group of NOLA businesses helping to build new, healthy markets & win, win, win collaborations!


I am delighted that the following inspiring and brilliant people are members of Matter’s Board of Directors: Andrea Chen (Benefit Director) Gerard Cox, & Robbie Vitrano. So honored to have your support and thank you for helping Matter grow wisely.

Tippy Tippens