“My limited-edition birdie arrived.  It’s a thing of grace and beauty, lovelier even than in the pictures.” – Susan

“I gave my Mom a bird soap for Mother’s Day and she loved it! Also, my niece is HIGHLY allergic to nuts, and since your soap doesn’t include shea butter, it’s one of the few she can use.” – Stacey

*blush* “Just Brilliant! This artistic entrepreneur, Tippy Tippens, deserves to be more than successful; she deserves our gratitude (and some major design and humanitarian awards!). Her soap melds function and form, as well as material type and source, giving birth to a business model that, if widely adopted, could effect broad scale environmental change, as well as a major shift in our greater social consciousness. Beyond serving a useful proximate purpose; they directly and indirectly begin to rectify past damage caused by a related industry to a specific environmental location — in multiple ways. Truly laudable innovation! Please forward my comment to Ms. Tippens for me! And thanks to you ladies at Daily Grommet for helping to bring this kind of genius to the marketplace – and the awareness of the general public!”
– Peggy, BirdProject fan from Daily Grommet


“Matter and the Rabbits and the Birds are changing the world for the better! :)” – Jennifer

“Wow! Reading rabbits…i bet the children just love them! What a creative idea to make reading fun!” – Michael