BirdProject, founded by Tippy Tippens, is creating black, bird-shaped glycerin soaps to help fund groups working on oil spill cleanup due to BP’s Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster. 50% of profits go to Gulf Restoration Network and International Bird Rescue. Each Soap contains a handmade ceramic bird made from Louisiana Clay, which remains as your keepsake once the outer soap has washed away.

Through the daily act of washing, you will eventually free the clean, white ceramic birds inside – potent symbols of restoration and recovery. The soap is shaped to be cradled in your hand and is a powerful representation of all creatures affected by the spill.

The soaps are made by Sweet Olive Soap Works [Emily is a third generation soapmaker and New Orleanian] of natural, locally sourced ingredients: biodiesel glycerin, fair trade olive oil, aloe, activated black charcoal, and a light cypress scent – reminiscent of Louisianan bayous [this is a Rigaud Cypress, a historical Parisian scent founded in the 1850’s, they smell heavenly!!]

The use of Glycerin, a biodiesel by-product, helps bolster awareness of green energy initiatives while emphasizing smart usage of manufacturing waste.

With my background in design and not being an expert able to care directly for animals or the environment, this is the way that I found I could do something to help with oil spill cleanup.

I am thrilled to be partnered with the following groups in support of their incredible work for the BP Spill. International Bird Rescue directly cared for the oiled birds that were rescued during BP’s cleanup response in 2010. They are based in California and are the experts that respond to oil spills around the world, as beautifully referred to in their logo: Every Bird Matters.

Gulf Restoration Network constantly works to both protect and restore the Gulf, raising awareness for the region on many fronts for its unique wildlife and environment. They are continuing to work on the effects of the spill and BirdProject’s donations go directly to BP oil spill and their clean water research team.

We are so honored by both groups appreciation of BirdProject’s contributions in both donations and raised awareness. The birdies have certainly flown since their beginning on Kickstarter November 2010. Help the birdies fly and further spread their wings and thank you so much for your support of BirdProject! Find yours here at our new webshop and while there also check out the new Lovebirds edition! ++ See our news page for all the latest.